Revised Rates In Gazettes
Sl.No      Gazette and Nature of Advertisement            Revised Rate
Gazette of India Part III Section IV
Rs.3500/- per page
Weekly and extraordinary

Rs.2600/- per half page

Rs.180 per cm. single column up to

Rs.1800/- minimum.


Gazette Of India Part IV

(i) Change of the Name Notice (Adult)


Rs.700/- for each case

(ii) Change of Name Notice (Minor)

Rs.1100/-for each case

(iii) Public Notice

Rs.900/- for each case

(iv) Adoption Notice Rs.1100/-for each

(v) Lost/Destroyed/Stolen Notice (in three issues)

Rs.3600/-for each case
(vi) Company Notice Minimum upto 10 cm.

Rs.1800/- full page

Rs.3500/- half page

Rs.2600/- Rs.180/- per cm.

Additional single column

Beyond 10 cm.
(vii) Change of Religion Rs.1100/-for each case

(viii) For Notice from Indian Abroad

(a) For item 2(i) above

(b) For item 2(ii) above


Rs.2300/- for each case

Rs.3,300/- for each case


Delhi Gazette

Part II-Section -II

Rs.3,500/- minimum per page

Rs.180/- for each additional

cm.Single column

4. Delhi Gazette Part-III

Rs.3,500/- per page

Rs.2,600/- per half page

Rs.180/- for each additional cm. Single column

5. Delhi Gazette Part-V Section II

Rs.3,500/- per page

Rs.2,600/- per half page

Beyond full page

Rs.180/- for each additional cm.single column.

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