How to become an Agent of this department:

Bonafide book-sellers can acquire agency for the sale of Government publications and periodicals by submitting an application on the prescribed form available on demand. The agents, as and when appointed, are entitled to get a commission @ 20% in the capacity of restricted agents on all Government publications and after a successful period of trial, on becoming regular agents and they are entitled to a commission @25% on the following terms & conditions.

Trade Terms & Conditions of the Agency: 

Terms of Restricted Agency (for Agents on Probation) for the sale of Government Publications during the period of trial for two years. 

The Agents will sell Government Publications and Periodicals of the value not less than Rs. 6,000/- each year.

The Agents will receive a trade discount of 20% on the sale of all Government Publications and Periodicals. However, the rate of commission will automatically be reduced to 15% if the sale of the Government Publications  and  Periodicals falls short of Rs.6,000/- each year.

The Agents will have to draw the books on demand from the Head Office of the Department after depositing the value of the books in cash in advance or by having a deposit / account opened in their name with a minimum amount of Rs.1000/- by adjustment.

The agents shall not sell the Government Publications etc., at a price other than published by the Controller of Publications.

The Agents shall not be entitled to recover any extra charges over and above the published price of Government publications and periodicals sold by them. This does not apply to the Postal freight charges etc. which the agent may charge for sending the publications to the Indenters.

Eefective / Damaged copies of publications or periodicals will be accepted back if the defects / damages are pointed out and the publications and periodicals returned to the department within 10 days of the receipt of the Publications.

IF the Controller of Publications is satisfied with the performance of agent during the entire period of two years, he shall have the option to appoint you as an agent on the regular basis. The Agent would have to  execute formal agreement in favour of the President of India in the prescribed form.