Department of Publication was established in April, 1924 by the Imperial Government and the office was located in Kolkata(West Bengal).The Primary aim was to disseminate Government information to to the general public. Initially, this function was limited to Government's Reports only.Over the years, the horizons were widened covering sale and distribution of books and periodicals, and the office was shifted in the year 1932-33 to Delhi. The Department of Publication attained its separate identity, in the year 1973, under the name and status of Department of Publication with ‘Controller of Publications' as 'Head of the Department'. It is a separate subordinate Department of the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India

The Department has the distinction of publishing over 63500 titles and there are live 62500 titles available in circulation. On an average, 360 titles are published every month and simultaneously, 10 titles go out for weeding out and the dispatch work on an average is 5500 packets for about over 50000 books every month. The publications are divided into the categories of Ministry's Names and their stores management in also arranged accordingly, scientifically for prompt and conveniently accessible manner.

Service Providers
1.Sale and distribution of Government of India's books/periodicals.
2.Enrolment of Restricted/Regular Agents for sale and distribution of books and journals.
3.Granting 20% trade discount to Restricted Agents and 25% discount to Authorized Regular Agents.
4.Gazette Notifications of all kinds are published and copies of Gazettes are sold by this Department.
5.Government's legal Notifications and Resolutions are published and copies are sold by this Department.
6.Old Gazettes documents which are required for support in the Courts of Law for ready reference are duly certified and sold by this Department.
7.Gazette Notices for change of name, adoption of child, lost / destroyed /stolen are published and sold by this Department.
8.Delhi Gazettes are published and sold by this Department.